How to Activate Visa Gift Card – Different Methods to Do It

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Visa gift cards are meant to be activated after their purchase. This makes way for immediate usage. However, gift card activation can be bewildering. It’s majorly because people use the term ‘activation’ in various ways according to where they purchase the gift card. The process of activating a gift card is very different when you buy it at the store compared to buying it online. In the latter case, you need to know how to activate Visa gift card after you receive it. If you don’t activate it, the card will not work. In this article, you’ll find definite activation instructions so you can start using the card easily.

How to Activate Visa Gift Card through Different Methods

Visa gift cards usually come with certain activation instructions. They can include a link to a website or require you to dial a number. Here are some methods you can follow.

  • Activate the Visa gift card over the phone.

It’s the first method to activate Visa gift card. A sticker is attached to many debit and credit cards on their front. It has the phone number you require for activating your Visa gift card. The same is true for some of the Visa gift cards. If you find a sticker on your card’s front, call the number present on the sticker and adhere to the automated prompts for activating it.

  • For activating the card through the phone, verify the account number and verification number (CVN) of the card. Input it on the keypad.
  • The CVN is a three-digit number that you can find on your card’s back.


How to Activate Visa Gift Card Over the Phone


If there’s no sticker, use the number on your card’s back.

You might wonder how to activate my Visa card if you find no sticker on your card. In this case, you can use the customer service number present on the card’s back. Then adhere to the prompts for activating it. Some Visa gift cards have a PIN. You’ll be provided with this PIN upon activating it.

Connect with Visa directly if you are unsure about activating your card.

If you have any questions regarding the activation process, you can dial the customer service number. This number is present on your card’s back.


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  • How to activate Visa gift card online

You can also activate a Visa gift card online. There are two different approaches to it. They are given below.

  • Visit the activation link present on the sticker or your card’s back

If you don’t feel up to dialing a number, you can visit the activation link. This link will be either on your card’s back or the sticker on the front. The link will also request you to register the card online.

  •  Find the website on the card’s back.

If you don’t find the activation link on the sticker, you might ask the question, how do you activate a Visa gift card online. In this case, you just have to turn the card over and locate the website of the vendor who has issued it. This website will have a link for activating the gift card.


How to activate Visa gift card online


The Importance of Registering Your Gift Card

You don’t need to register a gift card, but registering it is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, you will want to update the address and name on the card to use it online. Many websites verify that the card employed for paying for the merchandise matches the order’s shipping address and name. So, you should ensure that the card is correct.

The other reason is that registering the card will assist you in the event of you losing the card. If your card is stolen, misplaced, or lost, you can sign in to your account to check its balance. You can also view where the card is used and order a replacement if that’s possible.

While registering, you’ll be asked to give your full name, date of birth, address, and social security number. When you make an online purchase with the card, the name and address you provided earlier while registering are verified against the registered information in the card. In case the information doesn’t match, you’ll encounter issues in completing your purchase.

Final Words

After reading this article, you’ll have no doubts about how to activate Visa gift card. After you activate the card, it’s a wise step to check and see if there are any gift card fees. You should also check the expiration date of the gift card. Do not wait for long to use it as it’s highly likely that you’ll forget about using it. You may be charged some fees, and the card balance may come down. So it’s best to get your merchandise immediately.


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