How to Activate Windows 10 – Complete Solution

A majority of high-quality laptops have Windows 10 operating systems built in them.

But for those who have built their PC using a graphics card or have upgraded your System for making it speedy, it's necessary to install and activate Windows 10. You can activate it either by the product key.

If you have activated your Windows 10 license connecting it to your MS account, you can conduct activation on the same device using a digital license. Given below are various methods on how to activate windows 10.

How to Activate Windows 10 – Different Ways

Windows 10 activation can be done in several ways. You can do it either with a product key, with a digital license, or with a tool like CMD. You can also do it without the aid of a product key.

With Product Key

For installing Windows 10, input your product license key. Press Windows key, navigate to Settings, then Update and Security, and finally activate. Hit Change Product key. Input your product key in the box and hit Next. Then press Activate.

With Digital License

To start activation, choose 'I don't have a product key.' Configure and sign in to your Windows 10 Press Windows key, navigate to Settings, then Update and Security, and finally Activation. Follow the sign-in prompts via the MS account connected to your digital license. Choose your device and check This is the device I am using right now. Hit Activate.

With CMD

Type CMD in the Run box and then open the Windows Command Prompt as administrator. Copy and paste the line slmgr. vbs/upk in the command prompt. Press Enter. Copy and paste the command slmgr/ipk Windows 10 activation key and hit Enter. Type slmgr/skms and hit Enter. Lastly, paste slmgr/ato and hit Enter.

Without Product Key

As an administrator, run the command prompt. Execute the following commands and hit Enter after each one.


slmgr /skms

slmgr /ato

Invoke Run dialog box and input slmgr.vbs -xpr for confirming Windows 10 activation.

How to Activate Windows 10 Pro with CMD

If you are a Windows 10 Pro user, you can still use CMD to activate your Windows. Go through the steps given below for it.

  • Tap 'Start' and input cmd.
  • Right-click Command Prompt app and select Run as Administrator.
  • Copy and paste the command line given below in the window of Command Prompt. slmgr /ipk (Windows 10 licence key)
  • The software blocks unwanted applications to be installed automatically in PC.
  • Can frequently filter for safe search.
  • Securely browse any website
  • Your Online Business will be running safely
  • McAfee is having its own firewall, password manager, and parental control which enhance your PC performance

How to check if Windows 10 and its Pro version is activated or not?

You can also check whether the Windows 10 Pro is activated or not. For it, press Windows + R keys on your keyboard and open the Run box. Input slmgr.vbs -xpr in the Run box. Now tap Enter. If you are a Windows 10 user, then you can check whether the Windows 10 installation is activated or not by navigating to Start. Then, go to Settings and then to Update & Security. Choose the Activation tab. When you look in this section under Windows, you can find out if it is activated or not.

What happens if your Windows 10 is not activated?

Now that you know how to activate windows 10 key, you should also know the consequences of not activating Windows 10. If your Windows 10 isn't activated, you cannot use the Windows Defender Security Center. It safeguards the computer from malware and viruses. Thus, on installing a fresh copy of Windows, you need the windows 10 product key or a digital license. You can also experience the following disadvantages:

  • You will always see a watermark to activate windows 10. It will be present at the bottom right part of your screen.
  • Your System will get stuck at regular intervals of time.
  • You cannot personalize your System. It means that you cannot modify the color, theme, lock screen, and wallpaper.
  • You'll also not be able to use the functionalities of Microsoft account synchronization. You cannot use synchronization settings on various Microsoft devices.

How to Find Your Specific Windows 10 Edition?

Before windows 10 activation, you are required to find whether you have an advanced edition of Windows 10 or not.
Given below are two ways by which you can find it.

Method 1:

Go to Start and then navigate to Settings. Now, go to System and then choose About. You will find the edition of your Windows 10 here.

Method 2:

tap Windows + Pause/ Break key.

How to Activate Windows 10 – Instructions for Upgrading Your Pro System Using OEM Key

Windows 10 Pro provides significant connectivity and privacy tools as compared to Windows 10 Home. For those who wish to leverage tools like Bit-locker for disk encryption as well as other ones like Assigned Access, then it's better to upgrade to Windows Pro. One way by which you can do it is to pay for an upgrade. But if you have an OEM key, all you need is to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • On your keyboard, press Windows + R. The Run window will open. Input slui.exe. Click OK.
  • Enter the product key of Windows 10 Pro in the dialogue box that comes up.
  • If your OEM key isn't accepted, use the Windows 10 Pro product key provided by Microsoft to users who wish to upgrade their System. It will enable you to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. But it will not activate the Pro version.

Steps to switch Windows 10 product keys

It's not difficult to switch Windows 10 product keys. Follow the stepwise instructions given below, and you will find yourself efficiently doing it.

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows key + I.
  • Select Update & Security, then activation, and then Change Product key and the product key from Microsoft in the given space.
  • You will see a User Account Control dialogue box opening. It will ask you if you desire the app to make modifications. Tap 'Yes.'
  • The software blocks unwanted applications to be installed automatically in PC.
  • Input your Windows 10 Pro product key. Ensure that all the data and applications are closed on your System before you begin the upgrade process.
  • Adhere to all the instructions that you see on your screen. The upgrade process will commence. You may find your computer rebooting during this process. Don't worry, it's normal.
  • After the upgrade process finishes, you can start using the OEM key for activating Windows 10 Pro.
  • Input your Windows 10 Pro OEM key. Click Next to begin activation.

Now you know how to activate windows 10. As explained, you can do it using various methods. Apart from using the product key and digital license, you can also do the activation with CMD and without the product key. Make sure that you have an advanced edition of Windows 10. If you find any issues in this process, connect with professional Microsoft Windows customer support.