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Roku is a premium and cost-saving streaming media device that offers access to the media content from various online services—started way back in 2002 as a DVR company has now earned the name in every household.

It started as streaming media players' services in 2008 in cooperation with Netflix. The has now garnered an influential space in the overall market of digital media players. Initially, Roku has come up with a unique vision to provide low-cost, small form factor set-top boxes to offer an over-the-top entertainment experience.

With the launch of the latest model in 2019, Roku runs the eighth generation of its streaming media player. The new models are Roku streaming stick+, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra LT, and Roku Ultra. Roku activate process is somewhat similar to its previous generation; it requires you to visit the website and enter the Roku activation code in the field box.

Setup your Roku player and
enjoy watching your favorite shows

Roku player allows you to watch content from various online sources like YouTube, Hulu, Apple TV, etc. This feature makes you avail of the paid or free video content and streaming services. There are almost 45000 channels that you can watch through your Roku media player. But before you start enjoying your favorite shows, here is how you should complete the Roku activation and setup process. It's simple, though; even a novice user can do it without prior technical expertise.

How to set up a Roku stick or streaming device instantly?

Within a few simple steps, you can set up your Roku player and connect it with your TV. You have to plug your Roku streaming device or stick to your HDMI port on your TV and the power plug. After that, you should keep following the on-screen instructions and finish the setup process. Need detailed steps? Here is the simplified process to complete the setup.

Roku streaming box installation

  • For the Roku streaming box, you will have to use the HDMI cord.
  • Please take a note of the HMDI port's serial number where you are connecting your Roku device.
  • Connect one end of HDMI cable to your TV and the other to your Roku streaming device.
  • Now plug the micro USB cable to the streaming device and another end to the wall socket via a power adapter. (Use this step only if your Roku device has an Ethernet port)

Roku streaming stick installation

  • Unpack your Roku streaming stick.
  • Plug it directly into your TV's HDMI socket, and please Remember the HDMI port's number as you will need it in the later stage.
  • Now, connect the steaming stick to the wall socket through a power adapter and a micro USB cable.

Install a Roku device and set up on your TV

  • Now, you can turn on your TV.
  • Setup your TV to Roku's HDMI channel.
  • This channel should match the next HMDI number that you connected your Roku player with.
  • To change the HDMI channel, use the button Input, Video, Source on your TV remote.
  • Once you succeed in setting the Roku player, you will get to know through the setup screen.
  • Next, you have to pair your Roku remote with your TV.
  • For that, you need to open the Roku remote's back cover.
  • Locate the button underneath the cover.
  • Press and hold the button for three seconds.
  • The adjacent light will start to blink, indicating the pairing initialization.
  • Once it stabilized means your remote has paired with the TV.

Activate your Roku streaming player via

While activating your device, you will have to enter the activation code in the dedicated Roku setup link. The below steps describes the process in an easy way.

After the initial setup and pairing your remote, the screen appears that says Let's get started.

Below the giant header, you will see the list of languages, select the preferred one to proceed further.

Now, choose your WiFi network from the list, enter the password, and click Connect.

If you cannot see the network, click Scan again to see all networks.

The screen appears with TV resolution and frame rate information.

Click Ok, go to automatic.

Follow the on-screen instructions until the Display Type window appears.

Click Yes, the screen looks good.

Now you will enter the screen that says Activate your Roku player.

Copy the four-character code, go to webpage from your internet-enabled smartphone or computer, and enter the Roku activation code in the desired field.

Click Submit.

The next screen will ask you – Do you have a Roku account? Click either No or Yes and create an account if you do not have one.

Now keep following the next instructions until the device connected or the device is ready message pops-up on the screen.

Roku streaming player Features that you can't ignore

  • Roku makes it easy for you to navigate the top TV shows, movies, live TV, streaming channels, and other content.
  • It allows you to use voice control to switch the channels and to operate other functions.
  • Users can even navigate the Roku device with their mobile.
  • Experience the fantastic surround while watching TV.
  • With the Roku remote, you can turn on or off your TV. You can also operate the volume of your TV with a remote.
  • The pairing of your Roku remote happens with just a press of a button.
  • You can also use the DVR feature to record and download the streaming content.
  • Once you complete the Roku setup, you can activate the Play-On feature to see your phone's streaming content on your TV.

Why should you contact the Roku Activation Support team?

On several occasions, your Roku device might trouble you with minor technical hiccups. To eliminate the issue, the Roku setup team is there to rescue. Our experienced technicians and engineers are highly trained to eliminate the problems in your Roku device.

Can't hear the audio? Here is the best fix

  • TV's input might not be working, causing the audio issue. You should choose an alternate input on your TV to connect your Roku player.
  • Please avoid connecting the Roku player through sound or an AVR as these are the potential reasons for audio hindrance.
  • Please make sure the volume controls are set to max, and they are not mute. Visit the website to fix the problem if you can't eliminate it.
  • Use these settings to change the audio mode. Go to Home, click Settings, choose Audio, and select HDMI & S/PDIF. Now you can opt for Dolby D to change the sound mode.
  • If you can't hear the audio on the Roku device while playing the surround sound, use these steps. Go to Home, click Settings, click Audio, select Audio mode. Now choose Stereo, click HDMI and then choose Stereo PCM. These steps will rectify the surround sound audio problem.

Can't see the videos on your TV from the Roku player? Do it the right way

  • Your Roku has not connected the right way to your TV.
  • You might have connected your TV via the soundbar or AVR.
  • Ensure to setup Roku through appropriate input or output source on your TV. You can directly do this process through your TV's remote control by pressing the Input or Source button.
  • Check the instruction manual of your TV for more information about inputs or sources.

Is your Roku device saying Unable to Update Software? Please do it manually

Every 24 to 36 hours, your Roku device performs an automatic update, even when the video is playing. If your device says Unable to update software, you should do it manually. If it still displays an error, it would probably be due to the temporary suspension of Roku services.

  • Try updating your device manually.
  • Check the network connection if Roku still stays an error.
  • The router and modem both should work appropriately for stable connection and auto-update of your Roku device.
  • Re-execute the Roku account setup by performing the following steps. Go to Settings, click System, click System Restart to reboot your devices.

What to do when Roku streaming device overheats or needs troubleshooting?

Though your Roku is the safest device, it may undergo the heating or other issues in several instances. Here the ways through which your Roku indicates problems.

  • Roku has single light at the offset.
  • If the light is intermittently flashing red, that means a low power indicator. Your streaming device is not getting enough power, and it might crash anytime soon. Reconnect the cable to the power socket or replace the wire if needed.
  • Make sure to connect the player directly to the wall socket instead of connecting through USB.
  • And the steady red light is due to overheating issues. You might see an alert message on your screen saying, "Your device is overheating."
  • To fix the device overheating issue, disconnect the player to all peripherals, wait for 10 minutes, and setup Roku again to establish the connection.

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Roku streaming player setup is quick and straightforward. However, you can save your time by calling the experts from the Roku activation support or technical assistance team. They are highly experienced in conducting the setup, activation, and installation. Our team will help you set up and troubleshoot any issue you face while operating the Roku device.

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