How to Activate Siri Correctly in Your Apple Device

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Siri is Apple’s intelligent assistant and controls many functionalities of the user’s Ios device using only voice commands. The assistant is available on iPhone 4s and later versions, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air or later versions, iPod Touch, and iPad Mini. Through it, you can search for information online, exchange messages, place calls, among many other things. But to use it, you need to know how to activate Siri correctly. In this article, you’ll find stepwise instructions on how to activate or set it up and use it. 

How to Activate Hey Siri

Before activating Siri, you must know how to start it properly. The process to start and activate this voice assistant is broken down into two sections to help you gain greater clarity.

Steps to Start How to Activate Siri

The voice assistant is enabled by default on all Apple devices that support it. Starting it is not difficult at all. Just follow these points.

  • Press and hold the ‘Home’ button to begin the Siri interface. You will find the prompt appearing after which you can speak your question.
  • If you find that Siri isn’t starting, you may have disabled it. It can also be that your iOS device is very old. 
  • After plugging your iOS device in a power outlet, speak ‘Hey Siri.’
  • You don’t require to push any buttons to launch its interface. It is possible in iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPad Pro. 
  • If you find ‘Hey Siri’ isn’t working, press and hold the ‘Call’ button on the Bluetooth headset till you get to hear a notification tune. After that, speak your command.
  • If you use an Apple watch, lift the watch near your face to start the voice assistant. Then begin speaking your question. Now, go through the subsequent sections to know the answer to how do you activate Siri.


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Steps to Setup How to Activate Siri

Start the process to activate Hey Siri by opening the ‘Settings’ app on your Ios. Now, follow the steps below. 

  • Go down and choose ‘Siri and Search.’
  • Enable the option of ‘Listen for Hey Siri.’
  • Click ‘Enable Siri.’
  • The voice assistant will ask you to train her. To do it, click ‘Continue.’
  • Now, into the device, say, ‘Hey Siri.’
  • When Siri gets the data she needs, you’ll view a checkmark. 
  • Now, say into the device, ‘Hey Siri, how’s the weather today?’
  • Next, say, ‘Hey Siri, it’s me.’
  • The voice assistant is now ready to aid you. 


How to Activate Siri


Enable Siri 

The steps to enable Siri are quite simple. To enable it, do the following.

  • Open your Ios device’s ‘Settings’ app.
  • Go down and choose ‘Siri and Search.’
  • Choose if you want to enable Siri via voice with Hey Siri or want to just push the button for it.
  • Click ‘Enable Siri.’

How to Change the Language of Siri

Now you know the answer to how do I activate Siri. After this, you can also change Siri’s language. Follow the process mentioned below.

  • Start ‘Settings’ on your Apple device.
  • Now touch ‘Siri & Search.’
  • Next, touch ‘Language.’
  • Click the language you desire to use.

How to Edit a Siri Command or Question

To edit command or question in Siri, you first need to activate it by holding and pressing the ‘Site/Home’ button. Alternatively, you can also just speak ‘Hey Siri.’

  • Say your question to the assistant. 
  • Click on your question’s text at the screen’s bottom.
  • Now, modify your text as you want.
  • Touch ‘Done.’ Siri will now answer your changed question.

How to Customize Siri Responses

You can also customize the responses of this voice assistant. Launch ‘Settings’ and follow this process.

  • Touch ‘Siri & Search’ followed by ‘Siri Responses.’
  • Next, you need to tap an option to customize the responses. The various options are as follows:
  1. Always On’ – The assistant will audibly respond irrespective of your iPhone being on silent or not.
  2. When Silent Mode Is Off’ – The assistant will only speak when your Silent Mode is off when you are using ‘Hey Siri’ or when linked to a Bluetooth device.
  3. Only With Hey Siri’ – The assistant will audibly respond only when you speak ‘Hey Siri’ or when linked to a Bluetooth device.
  • Touch ‘Toggle’ if you desire to ‘Always Show Siri Captions.’
  • Touch the ‘Toggle’ if you desire to ‘Always Show Speech Transcriptions.’

Final Words 

Just a simple ‘Hey Siri’ allows you to gain access to many features and tools on your iPhone or iPad without using your hands. It isn’t difficult to follow the instructions on how to activate Siri. Once activated, you can explore it further and customize it according to your preferences. If you face any problems setting up or activating Siri, feel free to get expert help. 


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